Ricky Gervais saw Louis CK naked: He smelled like 'sweat and shame'

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Actor/comedian Ricky Gervais was on "Conan" Tuesday (March 11), where he shared a funny anecdote about colleague Louis CK -- everything you ever wanted to know about CK being naked.

"I saw him naked in the show, which was horrendous. ... I was this crazy doctor, I had to give him a rectal examination. Ugh, it was horrible," says Gervais. "He took his trousers down and they'd sort of hidden it with some sort of tape, which made it look worse. ... It looked like an old bag that was thrown away. And it was hot and clammy ... I could smell everything. ... Just sweat and shame."

Gervais also talks about how a role he has yet to play that he'd be interested in is a super villain and his super power would be annoyingness: "I'd be annoying. I could do that. ... Batman would go, 'Oh, f*** this.'"

Conan O'Brien then demonstrates that Gervais' kryptonite is being tickled -- for real. He's very ticklish. Hee!

Gervais can be seen in "Muppets Most Wanted," opening nationwide Friday, March 21.

Photo/Video credit: TBS