Ricky Martin on Oprah: Homosexuality, fatherhood, and la vida loca

ricky-martin-oprah.pngYou haven't really come out until you've done it on "Oprah," right? Ricky Martin stopped by Harpo Studios for his first TV interview since coming out of the closet and was welcomed by thunderous applause from the adoring, screaming women who have loved him since the first time he shook his bon-bon on the Grammy stage.

Martin told Oprah that his decision to come out of the closet via a post on his website was because he reached a personal breaking point. "I couldn't take it anymore, Oprah!" he says. "I couldn't take it anymore. It was too painful."

His two children, 2-year-old twins Valentino and Matteo, inspired him. "What am I gonna teach them, how to lie?" he says. "Before I decided to become a father I already accepted who I was and I was happy with who I was."