Ridley Scott says 'Blade Runner' flick 'liable to be a sequel'

There has been a ton of speculation about what sort of film the new "Blade Runner" film is going to be. Prequel? Sequel? In the same world? Well, we now have an answer ... sort of.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Ridley Scott says the new film is "liable to be a sequel." Scott recently finished shooting the "Alien" prequel "Prometheus," and is an executive producer of a new TV series on Discovery's Science Channel called "Prophets of Science Fiction."

Earlier this year, production company Alcon Entertainment said it was planning a new "Blade Runner" project with Scott at the helm. "I think I'm close to finding a writer that might be able to help me deliver," Scott tells the WSJ, "we're quite a long way in, actually."

He also dashed any hope of Harrison Ford's character Rick Deckard, are we likely to see him in the new film? "No, not really," says Scott.

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Photo/Video credit: Warner Bros.