Rihanna meets Jennifer Lawrence in Paris, posts photo to Instagram

Paris Fashion Week brings the celebrities out of the woodwork. Some of them are really into fashion and can't wait to see what's shown. Two celebrities who made the trip out this time around are  Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence.

While she may have been decked out in designer clothes for the runway shows she took in, Lawrence was slipped into something a bit more comfortable before bumping into Rihanna at dinner. She still looks great though, as does Rihanna..

Rihanna posted a photo of herself and Jennifer to Instagram Monday night (July 1). "Bumped into the extraordinary Jennifer Lawrence at dinner! #Paris," the caption reads. The meeting of the stars happened at a restaurant called L'Avenue, and based on the look she's giving, it's obvious Rihanna is a fan of the "Hunger Games" star.

Jennifer is currently working on "X-Men: Days of Future Past" in Canada, but took a bit of a break to attend fashion week. After all, she's the face of Dior.
Photo/Video credit: Instagram