Rihanna smacks Michael Cera and more 'This is the End' GIFs

When the red band trailer for "This is the End" was released, the world saw just how many celebrities they were able to pack into the movie. However, there wasn't enough time to give some of them the spotlight they truly deserve.

With that in mind, check out this roundup of animated GIFs from some of the its best moments. Fair warning: like the trailer, some of these feature violence and gore. Additionally, if you're looking to avoid any and all spoilers for the movie, go no further.

First, poor Christopher Mintz-Plasse gets a face full of cocaine from Michael Cera.
Fueled by the drug, Cera takes it upon himself to slap Rihanna's behind.
The singer doesn't appreciate the smack, and returns it in kind, to Cera's head.
Once everything starts falling apart, celebrities begin dying left and right. Aziz Ansari gets killed off early on, when Kevin Hart refuses to help him.
Cera goes next, in the most violent of ways.
Not much chance of survival for him.
During the apocalypse, everyone's going to be looking out for themselves, even Emma Watson.
Of course, if you don't cave to her demands, you'll pay for it.
If these are any indication, "This is the End" is going to be a very fun movie. It's in theaters June 12.
Photo/Video credit: Columbia Pictures