Rihanna suing Topshop for putting her picture on a t-shirt

rihanna-sues-topshop.jpgSinger Rihanna has filed a lawsuit for $5 million over a t-shirt made and sold by Topshop, a multinational British retailer, claiming the store did not have permission to use a photograph of her that they put on the shirt, reports the BBC.

The photo in question (above, inset) was taken during a video shoot in Northern Ireland back in 2011. Rihanna is alleging that Topshop acquired the photo and put it on a top called the "Rihanna Tank" and that the image on the shirt is "very similar" to images used on her CD.

Rihanna claims the shirt is being passed off as a Rihanna-approved article of clothing and may have led to her reputation being tarnished with her fans because they thought the shirt had "an emotional connection to their heroine" and it fulfilled their "desire to own the actual item issued by their heroine," according to the court documents.

Topshop claims they purchased the right to the image from the photographer, and that Rihanna cannot claim the shirt has tarnished her image when she has asked the retailer for "products" half a dozen times since the lawsuit was filed.

"Rihanna's own shopping habits provide compelling evidence of Topshop's reputation in fashion wear. [There are] 10 recent occasions on which her representatives have contacted Topshop asking for products for her to wear. We note that six of these requests post-date this dispute," say Topshop's lawyers.

The hearing is on-going. Rihanna has not appeared in court -- she is too busy dying her hair gray on purpose.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, BBC