Rihanna tour bus busted for marijuana at U.S. border

A caravan of Rihanna's tour buses were pulled over for a drug search at the U.S. border with Canada when inspectors noticed the distinct smell of weed coming from one of the vehicles. 

Drug-sniffing dogs were brought on board each bus and the canine located the culprit. According to TMZ, one passenger was given a civil citation for pot posession. The search took place at Ambassador Bridge, which links Detroit, Mich. to Windsor, Canada.

Rihanna was reportedly not present on the buses -- because she flies first class (duh!) -- but the "Nobodies Business" singer has made no attempt to keep her love for the ganja under wraps. She even went so far as to post a photo on Twitter of a marijuana bud with the caption, "This nug look like a skull or am I just.... ?"

After making her public debut as one-half of a couple again with Chris Brown at the 2013 Grammy Awards, the pair were photographed toking up at a Grammy after party. So, maybe it's a good thing for RiRi -- and her spotless criminal record -- that she skipped the whole tour bus to Canada thing.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images