Rihanna's attorney to Chris Brown: RiRi 'wants this over'

Rihannachrisbrown2005 According to Extra, it was possible to overhear a quiet conversation between Rihanna's attorney Donald Etra and Chris Brown while they were standing in front of the microphone after Brown's hearing Thursday afternoon.

Etra said to Brown, "I think Rihanna would like this over as quickly as possible. It benefits everybody."

Brown told Etra, "I'm a little confused on the terms of everything ... and the proceedings and what's going on."

Etra responded, "Mark [Geragos, Brown's attorney] will explain it and I'll explain it to Rihanna."

Stepping in, Geragos told Brown, "I've explained it to you that the best thing that could happen in this case is, Don is involved. Didn't I tell you that?"

Etra added, "And I would say to you that the best thing to you is that Mark is involved."

Wow. What do you make of this conversation? Post your thoughts in the comments.

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Credits: Rihanna and Chris at an awards show many bruises ago. (WireImage)