Riley Keough flaunts her body in Bonds lingerie ads - See the pics here

riley-keough-lingerie-bonds-thumb.jpgIs this the body that helped Robert Pattinson move on after Kristen Stewart ? It's rumored that the "Twilight Saga" star and Riley Keough are an item, and based on the lingerie ads that Elvis Presley 's granddaughter starred in for Bonds, RPattz could be a lucky guy indeed.

Keough has joined Bonds as the Australian lingerie company's new brand ambassador, and she's putting a good face to the name. The 24-year-old shows off her toned body and confident curves in cute bras and boy shorts, as well as a silver Bonds necklace.

Though Keough's publicist said she and Pattinson aren't dating, reports continue to come out linking the two together. Do you think they make a cute couple?

riley-keough-lingerie-bonds.jpg riley-keough-lingerie-bonds-2.jpg
Photo/Video credit: Bonds