'Ringer' pics: First look at Sarah Michelle Gellar's two characters

Welcome back, Sarah Michelle Gellar. We missed you so.

The CW unveiled its 2011-12 lineup on Thursday, May 19, and Gellar's new drama "Ringer" was placed with "90210" on Tuesday nights. Odd thematic pairing? Yes. Does it really matter? No.

Gellar stars as a woman (Bridget) who is on the run from the mob and hides out by assuming the life of her wealthy identical sister (Siobhan). Bridget soon learns that Siobhan's life was far from idyllic and is just as dangerous as the one she is running from.

Yes, that's right. Gellar is tackling two roles. Well, she is in the pilot at least. Siobhan disappears mysteriously before Bridget decides to take on her identity. Kris Polaha (Henry, Siobhan's best friend's husband), Ioan Gruffudd (Siobhan's husband Andrew) and Nestor Carbonell (Agent Victor Machado) also star.

The CW just released images from "Ringer" and we have to say, the shot of Gellar as both sisters looking in the window may just be is our favorite photo from the new TV season so far. Behold, double the Gellar, double the pretty:

smg-ringer.jpg Will you be watching "Ringer," Zappers? Are you looking forward to Gellar's return to TV as much as we are?
Photo/Video credit: The CW