Rob Lowe says deal to buy Miramax is 'real, it's on, it's happening.'

rob-lowe.jpgMonday (July 19) night, speaking on the set of Showtime's "Californication" Season 4, on which he is guest-starring as eccentric movie actor Eddie Nero, Rob Lowe talked to Zap2it about his involvement in a consortium looking to buy Miramax Films from Walt Disney Company.

"We are right now in very heavy negotiating with Disney," says Lowe, "and we're governed by all these nondisclosures, so really all I can say it's that it's real, it's on, it's happening. I think it's going to close, and it's going to be really, really exciting."

Founded in 1979 by brothers Bob and Harvey Weinstein, the art house/indie film studio became part of Disney in 1993, where the Weinsteins operated it until leaving in 2005.

Recently, reports surfaced that Santa Monica-based Colony Capital had made a bid for Miramax, as part of an ongoing series of negotiations that reportedly has also involved Hollywood financier David Bergstein and Los Angeles construction magnate Ron Tutor.