Rob Thomas shares 'Veronica Mars' book 2 details: More Logan!

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rob-thomas-veronica-mars-book-2-details.jpg It sounds like "Team Logan" Marshmallows were left feeling unsatisfied after reading Rob Thomas' first "Veronica Mars" novel, as the author took to Twitter to assure fans that the next book would feature more of a certain brooding male lead.

"We've already plotted out VERONICA MARS book 2, and I promise there will be more Logan. #voteveronicamars," Thomas writes.

Thomas' first book, "Veronica Mars: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line," was released on March 25, and is the first in a two-book series co-written by series creator Thomas and Jennifer Graham. It is considered a part of the Mars universe continuity, and takes place after the events of the "Veronica Mars" movie.

So if you're "Team Logan," at least you have the next book to look forward to ... unlike unfortunate "Team Piz" fans who pretty much know their 'ship is doomed now.
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