Robbie and Stephen Amell: Semi-naked photo of the 'Arrow,' 'Tomorrow People' stars

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Stephen Amell has a lot of fun with his Facebook page. The most example is a picture of the "Arrow" star with his cousin and "Tomorrow People" star Robbie Amell. The boys are lying on the floor, apparently giggling. And Stephen is -- as far as we can see -- naked.

stephen-amell-robbie-amell-arrow-tomorrow-people-facebook.jpgThe photo was posted by Stephen on Sunday (Jan. 26) evening with only a brief caption as any sort of explanation.


In case you didn't know, both "Arrow" and "The Tomorrow People" air Wednesdays on The CW. If this photo is any indication, the shows will be a lot of fun. #AmellWednesdays, represent.

Photo/Video credit: The CW, Facebook