Robert De Niro shows Clark Gregg his Candy Crush score -- or does he?

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"Agents of SHIELD" actor Clark Gregg had a little fun with a picture of Robert De Niro at the SAG Awards. But was De Niro really showing Gregg and Jennifer Grey his Candy Crush score?

No, of course he wasn't. That didn't stop Gregg from joking about it though.

The photo went up on Gregg's wall on Monday (Jan. 20) with the caption: "The great De Niro shows us sick score on candy crush." Although the rest of the world can't see what's on De Niro's phone, Gregg and Grey are clearly impressed.

Alas, their awe has nothing to do with De Niro getting to level 500 or something on the addictive Internet game. Instead, as Gregg clarified in a comment a few hours later: "I'm kidding. It was a picture of his beautiful kid."

That makes more sense -- even if we all know De Niro would kill it at Candy Crush.

Photo/Video credit: Facebook