Would Robert Pattinson make a good 'Indiana Jones'? Ranking the Indys

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Is there actually an "Indiana Jones" reboot being considered? That's the rumor going around, according to the Daily Star. They cite a source who claims that none other than "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson is at the top of the list of possibilities to play the new Indy.

If true, Pattinson has a big challenge ahead of him. The role of Indiana Jones is iconic and has seen some memorable portrayals. Is it even possible to make the character his own at this point? Take a look at Zap2it's ranking of the men who were Indy below and decide for yourself: Where do you think Pattinson would fall on the list?

1. Harrison Ford
Obviously, no one is more identified as Indy than Ford. He originated the role and played it through four movies and an appearance on "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles." Without him, would the signature fedora and whip ever have gotten as popular as they did? Ford is Indiana Jones and you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone who could ever top him.

2. Sean Patrick Flanery
Flanery is the Indy many got to know through the TV series "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles." With 24 episodes and four TV movies to its credit, the show let viewers follow a young Indy on some of his earliest adventures. These years don't take Indy on adventures quite as epic as those shown in the movies, but are a great basis for who the character was to become as he got older.

3. River Phoenix
For those that don't remember, "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" actually featured two different actors in the title role. Of course, Ford played the role throughout the majority of the movie. However, for the first time theater goers were shown the character's origins, with Phoenix playing him at 13-years-old. It's revealed why he hates snakes, where his signature fedora came from and exactly how he got the name Indiana. 

4. George Hall
Fans will remember Hall as portraying the oldest version of the character seen to date. "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" features a 90-year-old Indy as the introduction to stories of his younger years, living in modern day New York City. His adventuring days are long gone and he's not out there cracking a whip, but he has some great tales to tell.

5. Others
Beyond those four, Indy was also played by three other actors on "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" at various points in childhood. Neil Boulane was baby Indy, Boutalat portrayed the toddler version and Corey Carrier played him at 10 years old. These Indys aren't necessarily bad, they're just lost in the shuffle. None of them were featured long enough to leave much of a lasting impression.
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