Robert Pattinson sets 'Good Morning America' appearance: First interview since Kristen Stewart cheating pics

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robert-pattinson-getty-birthday.jpgWell, they couldn't stay in hiding forever! While Kristen Stewart hasn't emerged from her self-imposed house arrest since photos of her cheating on longtime boyfriend Robert Pattinson were published, Pattinson is slowly stepping out. He's been spotted having a good time at a bar in Ojai, where he's holed up with his friend Reese Witherspoon and her family.

And now, finally, he has set his first public appearance and interview since the scandal rocked the tabloid and Twi-hard worlds. Pattinson will break his silence on the August 15 edition of "Good Morning America," part of planned promotion for his upcoming film "Cosmopolis."

It's likely that the interview will cover his relationship with Stewart only briefly before diverting attention to the film, in which Pattinson plays a billionaire whiz-kid whose world explodes in one fateful day in Manhattan.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images