Robert Pattinson snags $12M to strip for 'sexually explicit' Dior ad campaign - report

After it was rumored last year that he was making a bunch of money for a Dior fragrance deal, Robert Pattinson has reportedly taken part in a new campaign for the company.

The Sun reports that Pattinson is the star of a new campaign for a line of men's clothing from Dior, rather than a fragrance. The advertisements, which reportedly debut in May, feature a topless Pattinson getting frisky with three beautiful models. A source calls the ads "sexually explicit," adding, "It is pushing the boundaries of what you can get away with in advertising."

The source says two different scenarios were shot, one featuring Pattinson kissing a model, another featuring the "Twilight" star with all three in various states of undress. Hopefully, the Twihards can handle that. The source notes that it's not clear what will and won't make the final cut.

So how much money did he get for the difficult job of letting models hang all over him for hours? According to the report, Pattinson made $12 million for the shoot. Not a bad job at all.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images