Robin Roberts celebrates 'major milestone' in her recovery by reuniting with beloved dog KJ

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robin-roberts-dog-kj.jpg Robin Roberts has two reasons to celebrate: The "Good Morning America" anchor, 52, just passed the 100-day mark since her bone-marrow transplant, and she reunited with her beloved Jack Russell terrier, KJ.

"Look who made it back for my 100 day celebration...KJ!!" she tweeted Dec. 29. "We just keep staring at each [other]...can't believe she's finally home."

Roberts suffers from myelodysplastic syndrome, a rare blood disorder that affects the bone marrow's ability to produce health cells. After extensive chemotherapy, she underwent the transplant -- with her sister Sally-Ann Roberts as her donor -- in September.

100 days is a "major milestone" because, as Roberts' physician, Dr. Gail Roboz, explained on "GMA," "We have to watch patients super-closely for 100 days. We don't trust anything for the first 100 days. After that, we're happy."

robin-roberts-bone-marrow.jpgRoberts' fight is far from over, though. Dr. Roboz cautions, "With cancer patients, we use five years as a benchmark to a cure. When someone has had a marrow transplant, we'll be watching her for life, to see if she's having symptoms."

So when will Roberts return to "GMA"? Although ABC News executives hope to see her back on set in February, TMZ reports, she is not expected to rejoin the morning program until May or June 2013.

Take all the time you need, Robin -- and keep posting more pictures of your adorable pooch!
Photo/Video credit: Twitter/Robin Roberts