Ron Perlman: 'The Newsroom' best show on TV, not 'Sons of Anarchy'

Where exactly does  Ron Perlman's loyalty lie? The actor, also known as Clay Morrow on "Sons of Anarchy," knows what his favorite TV show is, and it's not the one he's on. When Jeff Daniels tweeted the news that "The Newsroom" had been renewed for a third season, Ron seemed particularly excited.

"Great news! No better show on TV," he writes. "Congrats to all!" The tweet was met with an immediate response from "Sons of Anarchy" fans, surprised and disappointed that he would point to a show other than his own as a favorite.

Perlman spoke to Zap2it at Comic-Con, explaining that Clay has become a very uncomfortable character for him to play, due to the changes he's gone through over the show's five seasons. "I feel like I've lost everything, as Ron the actor playing Clay," he said.

In the end, Ron was just lifting up his fellow actor's, which shouldn't really be seen as a slight. Plus, it might be a little weird to talk about how his show is the best on TV.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images