Ronald McDonald gets a makeover: Is it 'Sons of Anarchy'-inspired?

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It's a new day for the McDonald's Corporation and its chief mascot, Ronald McDonald. The company has unveiled the clown's new look, and it's quite a change.

The jumpsuit he's seemingly been wearing for decades is a thing of the past. Now Ronald has two primary outfits. The first is reminiscent of the jumpsuit, but is instead pants and a vest. He's like the tamest member of the "Sons of Anarchy." Chances are he rides a Vespa in this equation.

The other look is a bit more formal, with Ronald suited up in a jacket and tie as you can see above. Of course, it's still for that McDonald's feel to it. There's lots of red and yellow, with some rather crazy stitching.

Not only does he have a new wardrobe, but Ronald has also been given a new job. He will take on a more active role in the company's social media, according to a release. He will pop up around the various media accounts they have, using the hashtag "#RonaldMcDonald." Get ready for what is sure to be an onslaught of selfies to go with any new commercials he stars in.

Photo/Video credit: McDonald's