'Rubicon' recap: The Outsider

james-badge-dale-rubicon-320.jpgThis week on "Rubicon," Will and Spangler travel to Washington D.C. to meet with various government agencies and convince them that API is awesome and helpful, which also gives us a better idea of what it is that API actually does.

Spangler gives Will a few lessons about briefcases and neckties, and their trip ends successfully, and inspires Will not to be a proud outsider like Spangler and awkwardly flirt with the woman who lives in the building across from him.

Back in New York, Will's team is charged with deciding whether or not to recommend a missile strike on an "Al Qaeda rockstar" in Indonesia . He's responsible for many deaths, including children, but the missile strike has the potential to take out innocent people along with the terrorist -- and some of them would probably be children, too. This is a bummer for all, especially Tanya, who has never had to do something like this before, is constantly picked on for her naivety and general femaleness, and only has a bottle of pills to help her deal with the stress ...

Photo credit: AMC