'RuPaul's Drag Race' science lesson: Drag queens are shinier in space

Even we of the great tolerance for drag jokes were shamed by some of the hilarity that was coming out of the queen's mouths on "RuPaul's Drag Race." And we hate feeling like Catholic nuns.

In Tuesday's (Feb. 1) episode, the goils had to split into two teams and make sci-fi film trailers. 

Phoenix led the first team with "Drag Queens in Outer Space: From Earth to Uranus" and Mariah led her team in the similarly family-friendly sequel, "Return to Uranus." Talk about a science experiment.

The teams worked out pretty well except for Mimi Imfurst (who went to Mariah's team by default of being picked last), who stayed true to her drag name and made sure no one could ignore her.

After rolling the video, our house was divided. The judges, who included Lily Tomlin and the fabulous Alessandra Torresani from "Caprica," chose the sequel and Mariah's team over Phoenix's sci-fi trailer.

We were surprised by the choice, since we felt that Phoenix's team looked better and felt more like a polished film trailer. Silly us. We forgot to throw on the "drag" goggles. If the over-the-top kitsch of drag is thrown into the decision process than Mimi Imfurst and her brand of crazy was exactly who should have won.

In the end, Delta Work, whom we thought worked it on the runway in a shiny nod to old-school sci-fi style (but didn't impress the judges) and Phoenix (who apparently killed a space zebra for her bodysuit) had to lip sync for their lives to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance."

Phoenix went the typical route and did Lady Gaga's robot while Delta Work really made it her own and was imminently fabulous doing so. So, Phoenix sashayed away.

Re-watch the trailers below: 

Zappers, did the judges get their coordinates right?
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