Rush Limbaugh on Hurricane Sandy and President Obama: All about the media coverage

rush-limbaugh-hurricane-sandy-obama.jpgOn Monday's (Oct. 29) radio show, commentator Rush Limbaugh addressed the then-impending hit of Hurricane Sandy on the east coast and his theory that it will hurt President Obama's re-election chances, so to compensate, the media will try to frame it to help him.

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Here's the excerpt in its entirety, taken from the transcript on Limbaugh's official site:

If [the Obama campaign people] were hoping that the media would establish major momentum for Obama with this week, Mother Nature has just interceded and said, "Whoa!" In other words, for you atheists... You know, I play golf, and there are golf gods, and you can do things that irritate the golf gods. And one of the things that you do to irritate the golf gods is to tell yourself you got the game figured out.

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The minute you tell yourself you got the game figured out, the golf gods make sure that you screw up the next two rounds. Well, the weather gods have interceded here. They have intervened in this campaign and in this effort. You've got potential devastation and destruction in the media capitals of this country: Washington and New York. And the residents and the occupants of these media organizations in Washington and New York are the ones who are gonna be standing out in the street telling everybody else how bad it is.

Not how bad Romney is. Not how dangerous Romney is. How dangerous the storm is.

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And then when they have time they're gonna try to massage it and figure out a way they can make it look good for Obama. Which is juvenile, infantile, sad, and disappointing because this storm is going to affect everybody.

What do you think with Rush's assessment of the hurricane and its coverage by the media having an impact on the election? Check back with Zap2it later to see what Limbaugh has to say in the wake of the hurricane making landfall.

: Interestingly, one of the people praising President Obama in the media is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican. But Limbaugh said of Christie Monday, "Heed the warning. Except what Governor Christie says. He's fat and a fool. Don't listen to Governor Christie. He doesn't know what he's talking about. He makes fun of me all the time."
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