Russell Brand on Katy Perry's Maxim title: 'Superficial, meaningless'

katy-perry-russell-brand-2.jpg Russell Brand is excited about reprising the late actor Dudley Moore's role in the classic comedy, "Arthur."

"I love Dudley Moore! He and my dad are from the same place, Dagenham (in Essex) he revealed at the junket for his hilarious (think the rock star version of "The Hangover") new movie "Get Him to the Greek." He also quite likes that he'll have a female butler ( Helen Mirren) -- more of a nanny -- because "I prefer women. It's these reasons: boobs and vaginas."

And Russell kept a straight face when he announced that his "Arthur" love interest will be... Liza Minnelli. "She will be revisiting the role and I am going to have an onset romance with that woman and turn her spine to chalk."