Russell Crowe sees a UFO and tweets the video

Movie star Russell Crowe may have made first contact with aliens. The "Les Miserables" actor tweeted a series of time-lapse photos taken outside his office in Australia, and they show a bright flash moving across the camera frame. Is it a UFO?

Okay, so it probably isn't a UFO, but Crowe does have a decent case. His first post about the bright object appeared on the actor's Twitter feed on Tuesday (March 5):

"UFO? Time Lapse Photos Outside RC's Woolloomooloo Office (THESE ARE REAL!)"

A link to a YouTube video made out of the photos shows a bright, reddish flare moving across the screen. Further tweets from Crowe clarify that the pictures were taken by a Canon 5D camera mounted on the roof of his Woolloomooloo ( Australian place names are the best!!!) building in order to capture the flight of fruit bats ( yes, fruit bats!) out of a nearby botanical garden. The three photos posted were taken over the course of 4.5 seconds.

So is it a UFO? Crowe has certainly not admitted otherwise, and insists that nothing was done to the photos (other than the addition of music, naturally). Does the light come from a passing car? A flashlight? Some other easily explained source? Or has Russell Crowe finally offered proof of alien life?

You decide.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, YouTube