Ryan Gosling seeks vengeance in 'Only God Forgives' international trailer plus new poster

In his next movie, director Nicolas Winding Refn teams up once more with the star of his last film, "Drive," Ryan Gosling. "Only God Forgives" features Gosling as a man forced to seek revenge for the death of his brother.

A poster has already been released, featuring a beaten up Gosling, as well as a particularly violent red band trailer, but neither of them shed much light on the plot. That international trailer does just that, showing Gosling under the control of his manipulative mother, who guilts him into finding his brother's killer.

The trailer also continues to show off the artistic vision of the movie, with Bangkok, Thailand's nightlife serving as a backdrop for the story. "Only God Forgives" also stars Kristin Scott Thomas, and it will be in theaters July 19.

Take a look at the new trailer below (with the warning that it features strong language and quite a bit of violence), along with a new poster that carries the tagline "Time to Meet the Devil."


Photo/Video credit: Radius-TCW