Ryan Kwanten to sex up 'New Girl' (swoon)

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It's not that Justin Long isn't attractive, but it's really hard to compete with "True Blood" hottie Ryan Kwanten when it comes to being insanely good-looking. That's why we're pleased to hear that the Aussie actor is taking his perfectly sculpted abs to a new series.

According to E! Online, Kwanten will guest star in an episode of FOX's "New Girl" as a potential one night stand for Zooey Deschanel's Jess. Apparently, Jess and Schmidt will hit up a bar together on Valentine's Day, where our single schoolteacher will meet Kwanten's character. This means her relationship with Long's character is not long for this world.

The two won't really have much in common, but is that really something you're looking for when searching for a one night stand? 

"New Girl's" Valentine's Day episode will air in February. (Duh.)
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images