Ryan Lochte dumped by Jaimee Hollier over the phone (VIDEO)

Ryan Lochte is back on the market, ladies -- jeah!

The Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer was filming his reality show, "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?", for E! when his long-distance girlfriend of four years decided that they were through.

Jaimee Hollier
, who lives in England, called Lochte up and they broke up over the phone. We aren't privvy to the actual conversation, though, because Lochte thinks that's a private conversation.

"It's not fair for her. I care about Jaimee. I know how this conversation's gonna go and I didn't want cameras there. I turned off my mic and started talking," says Lochte.

Hey, at least they didn't break up over text. Or tweet.

It shouldn't come as a huge surprise to viewers (all 20 of them), since Lochte said in pre-show interviews that he was now single. He tells the Daily Beast what he looks for most in a woman is someone who can make him laugh.
Photo/Video credit: E!