Ryan Murphy comments on 'Glee's' Naya Rivera, Big Sean engagement

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naya-rivera-big-sean-engaged-ryan-murphy-glee.jpg Naya Rivera is engaged to Big Sean , and the "Glee" star's big boss Ryan Murphy has weighed in on their relationship.

"I love him," Murphy tells E! News

Does that mean Big Sean might pop up on "Glee" some day soon? "No! He would never do 'Glee,'" Murphy admits. "Maybe I'll write something for him though."

Considering Rivera's character Santana is a lesbian on the show and recently made out with Demi Lovato, it might be hard to swing Big Sean as her onscreen love interest. Still, he's so gaga over his fiancée -- and has now become a self-professed Gleek -- that he totally might take the plunge.

"Glee" airs on Fox at 9 p.m. ET Thursdays.

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