Ryan Reynolds' new 'Green Lantern' promo pics, video game trailer

ryan-reynolds-green-lantern-2.jpgIf you are eagerly anticipating the summer 2011 release "The Green Lantern" starring Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, there are now a few more tidbits to tide you over until it hits theaters in June.

First are three new promo pictures of Reynolds, looking very strapping in his "Lantern" costume. There is also a new trailer for the video game, titled "Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters." The game hits stores June 10, seven days before the movie's release. Apparently it will explore more of the character's mythology that is not in the movie, specifically the Manhunters, the predecessors to the Lanterns that have turned to the dark side.

The trailer is below. Getting excited for "Green Lantern" to swoop into theaters? Only two more months to go.

ryan-reynolds-green-lantern-1.jpg  ryan-reynolds-green-lantern-3.jpg

Photo/Video credit: Warner Bros.