Ryan Reynolds & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley beautify new Marks & Spencer ads


There's beautiful and then there's beautiful. And then, sometimes, there's something so very beautiful that the birds sing louder, the flowers smell sweeter and the world stops to bathe in the glow.  

Two of the world's sexiest celebs, Ryan Reynolds and "Transformer's" babe Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have joined forces to beautify the new fall campaign for U.K.-based department store Marks & Spencer. And the results are -- for lack of a better word -- beautiful.  


Reynolds and Huntington-Whiteley don't need skin to exude sex appeal, oh no. These ads are all about the clothes, which means that these two sexy thesps have to sell with their eyes. Lots of off-camera stares and furrowed brows create quite an appealing mystery. Where is this couple going? Where have they just come from? What wonders have they seen? And I guess they're selling stuff too, so that's good.


For now, the couple exists only the imaginary world of Marks & Spencer. But here's hoping. Because their beautiful baby just might be the one who will unite us all and bring peace to the land. Our super computers were able to make a composite image of what their super sexy baby might look like (image below). 


Photo/Video credit: Marks & Spencer