Grab your tissues for 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 2's most tear inducing scenes

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When we marathoned Season 2 of "Orange Is The New Black" we expected a lot of things: Dark humor, crazy plot twists, and more of our favorite inmates of course. What we didn't expect was to bawl our eyes out way more than once! Season 2 is full of emotional moments that truly rocked us to the core.

Warning: The next section contains MAJOR spoilers for all things "OITNB" Season 2, so proceed at your own risk.

The following scenes are the biggest offenders:

Suzanne's Graduation Breakdown:

suzanne-breaks-down-during-graduation-song.jpgIn Episode 3, "Hugs Can Be Deceiving," we got to know a little bit more about the family who brought up "Crazy Eyes." We loved how supportive Suzanne's white mom and sister were and how they constantly tried to include her. However things took a heartbreaking turn when, after being encouraged by her mother to sing a graduation song at the commencement ceremony, Suzanne has a breakdown in front of all of her classmates.

Piper's Grandma Dies:

piper-cries-oitnb-season-2.jpgIn Episode 8, "Appropriately Sized Pots," Piper miraculously is granted furlough to go say goodbye to her dying grandmother. Unfortunately the approval comes too late and Piper finds out her grandmother has passed away. Her upcoming 48 hours of freedom have now become bittersweet.

Red's Store Is Closed:

piper-visits-reds-store-oitnb.jpgIn Episode 9, "40 OZ of Furlough," Piper escapes her family to check on Red's sole purpose for living, her store. Whose heart didn't drop upon seeing that "For Lease" sign and the boarded up windows?

Poussey Gets An Unnecessary Beatdown:

crazy-eyes-beats-up-poussey.gifIn by far one of the darkest moments on the show ever, Suzanne beats the living daylight out of Poussey at Vee's request in Episode 10. If we didn't already hate Vee, this solidified the deal. We hated Vee for taking advantage of Suzanne and hated even more how far Suzanne was willing to go to gain acceptance.

Morello's Truth:

morello-breaks-in-bathtub.gifNever in our wildest dreams did we see this one coming. In Episode 4, "A Whole Other Hole," we find out the heartbreaking truth that Christopher was never Lorna's fiance. He is a man she stalked after going on one date with, even going as far as to put a bomb in his girlfriend's car. Everything revealed about Morello's back story in Season 2 was beyond heartbreaking, yet made us love her even more.

Rosa's Swan Song:

rosa-old-to-young-oitnb-season-2.gifAfter receiving the news she only has three to six weeks to live, with the help of Morello, Rosa escapes to live out the remainder of her days in freedom.The image of present day Rosa morphing into her vibrant, younger, bank robbing self was such a hauntingly beautiful and amazing way to put a cap on Season 2.

Photo/Video credit: Netflix, Tumblr