SAG Awards 2014: Jennifer Lawrence's 'armpit vaginas' hit the red carpet

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The streak continues. Jennifer Lawrence kept her long-running tradition of being insanely quotable alive on the red carpet for the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Lawrence, wearing a Dior gown, wasn't entirely pleased with her look. "I have armpit fat," she tells E! News. "No, I do. It's armpit vaginas; it's awful. Looking at myself in all these cameras, I need horse blinders so I don't see it." She later tells CNN that the gown was "squeezing my breasts into my armpits."

The "American Hustle" star also got after an E! employee for letting her look silly while stalking Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes on live TV. "I blame you!  You, Tom, with your bow tie. You see somebody pull a face like that and you don't say 'you're live on camera!'" 

Her ability to say things meant be quoted never ends, but neither do the animated GIFs she appears in. Take a look at Lawrence and her "armpit vaginas" below.

jennifer-lawrence-sag-2.gif jennifer-lawrence-sag-3.gif

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/E!