SAG Awards 2014: We need to talk about Brad Pitt's hair

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Oh, Brad Pitt. What have you done to your hair?

The star shocked viewers at the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards with a new hairdo that's ... well, it's interesting, to say the least. After being accustomed to Pitt's "homeless look" of long, unruly hair and copious amounts of facial scruff, he's now rocking a full-on mohawk.

Yeah, a mohawk. At age 50. Fully shaved on the side, long in the middle, like the exact opposite of a mullet. Um, what?

It's not a completely new look for Pitt -- he was photographed with the questionably age-inappropriate mohawk back in November of 2013 -- but it certainly caught people's attention on Twitter on Saturday (Jan. 18). It is the first time he's changed up his hair in quite a long time, so the attention makes sense.

We can only assume the new hairdo is for some new role (at least, we hope). Because why else would he all of a sudden start rocking a mohawk? 

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images