SAG Awards 2014 Worst Dressed: Sarah Paulson, Julie Bowen, Sufe Bradshaw and more

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sag-awards-worst-dressed-sarah-paulson-sufe-bradshaw-gi.jpgThe fashion on the red carpet at the 20th Screen Actors Guild Awards wasn't the worst we've seen all year, but plenty of actresses took risks they probably wouldn't have at any other award show this season, which resulted in some head-scratching looks.

Take, for example, "American Horror Story's" Sarah Paulson's froofy cupcake mess, or "Veep's" Sufe Bradshaw's ill-fitting black gown. It's either the drop waist or the gigantic, flowing skirt -- pick one! Otherwise it just looks like the dress doesn't fit.

"Modern Family" star Julie Bowen made a bold color choice with a burnt orange top and graphic black and white print bottom, but the odd geometric shape of the bodice and weird contrast stitching just didn't work.

julie-bowen-worst-dressed-sag-awards.jpg By far not the worst choices, but interesting nonetheless, were Cate Blanchett and Juliette Lewis. Blanchett, who's usually so demure, might've finally made a misstep this award season with her white and pink Givenchy. It's certainly divisive -- what do you think?

While the silhouette of Lewis' gown is traditional and elegant, the shiny blue satin and giant floral print are unusual.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images