Sam Axe from 'Burn Notice'

tvfash828.jpg"He's a guy who could be washed up on shore," Bruce Campbell says of his character, Sam Axe, on USA's "Burn Notice."

"He's rode hard and put away wet," Campbell continues. "He doesn't like wearing a tie or wearing boots. He would rather be chasing women than chasing bad guys."

Yet he does chase bad guys, and in his laid-back fashion.

"The standard outfit is that he is very relaxed," Campbell says.

Much of his wardrobe is made up of Tommy Bahama shirts.

"I love the good Hawaiian shirt," Campbell says. "You know why Tommy Bahama is a better shirt?" The patterns continue seamlessly across the shirt buttons."

"It is very elegant," says Danny Santiago, costume designer. "They are expensive but beautiful fabrics.

The shirts hold up very, very well. They do most of their shirts made out of silk in that typical Hawaiian cut."

The fun of these shirts is that outside of ties, most men rarely have the chance to wear prints.

"They have all of these great prints," Santiago says. "Some have vintage prints and hula dancers. We have got flamingos on some and palm trees and sunsets and palm leaf graphics. "I think it looks very elegant," Santiago continues. "There is a real kind of ease to his look. He is never underdressed or overdressed, just a cool elegance."

His pants, as befit someone based in Florida, are lightweight, and Santiago favors Exofficio, which has wicking materials. The wicking material is critical for Campbell to look good, the actor says.

 One fashion tip a lot of men ignore is the value of an absorbent undershirt. As Axe, Campbell wears one to keep the Hawaiian shirt fresh.

"The first season I wore jeans," Campbell recalls. "And I would sweat through them. We realized we had a regular cotton T-shirt, and it would get all clumpy and gross. We need that wick-away stuff."

His shoes are Sperry Top-Siders.

When Axe has to play an FBI agent, lawyer, businessman or a playboy who would wear a suit, he dons a Hugo Boss or Ralph Lauren. His dress shirts are Calvin Klein and Michael Kors.

"Sometimes he gets to wear these great linen suits," the costume designer says. "He looks great in a white suit."

When Santiago dresses Axe in a white linen suit, he usually contrasts it with a striped or a bright color shirt.

"He's not afraid to wear colors, and he just feels really comfortable, and he will take an orange shirt, sometimes he will do a sports jacket, and a brat puckish, look," Santiago says.

"He looks as if he is always on vacation," Santiago says. "He always should have a cocktail and a fan, sitting under an umbrella."