Samuel L. Jackson narrates 'Go the [expletive] to Sleep' kids' book

samuel-l-jackson.jpgHe warned us about motherf---ing snakes on a motherf---ing plane and now Samuel L. Jackson is lending his considerable talent for delivering the f-bomb to the narration of a book for children.

Jackson recorded the audio version of Adam Mansbach's bestselling alt-kiddie book, "Go the F--- to Sleep," and -- for a limited time -- is offering a download the recording for free. You can listen to a bleeped sample on their site.

Don't want to risk a work download? Don't worry, the clip has already been duped and uploaded you YouTube. But, careful, all the F-bombs are preserved in their full glory. So either wear headphones or make sure you're in a profanity friendly zone.

For those of you unable to even risk listening to the bleeped version, here's a taste:

"All the kids from daycare are in dreamland
The froggy has made his last leap
Hell no, you can't go to the bathroom
You know where you can go?
The f--- to sleep."

Would you buy this book for your kids? Weigh in below.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images