Sandra Bullock to raise her son Louis in New Orleans

sandra-bullock-new-orleans.jpgIn hindsight, Sandra Bullock left a lot of clues about her special relationship with New Orleans, her newly adopted baby boy's birthplace.

"New Orleans is his city, and he is going to know it inside and out," she tells People about baby Louis.

But way before deciding to find her child in New Orleans, Bullock was already establishing links the Big Easy.

After Hurricane Katrina, Bullock donated $1 million for rebuilding of the city and also helped the Warren Easton Charter High School, the first Louisiana public high school for boys, by donating for repairs, new band uniforms and a health clinic.

She has also established a $10,000 college scholarship for the school. The premiere of "The Blind Side," written by New Orleans native Michael Lewis, was also a fundraiser.