Sandra Bullock's son Louis Bardo plays NASA astronaut in mom's photoshoot

Sandra Bullock's son Louis Bardo is heading to the moon, or so his clothes would have you believe. The 3-year-old was part of a photoshoot with his Oscar-winning mom for Vogue magazine.

As part of the shoot, Louis wore a NASA spacesuit, which even included a helmet, and looked very at home in it. For her part, Bullock played up the intergalactic aspect of the shoot in Palmdale, Cal. by wearing a tight-fitting metallic dress and a pair of high heels, according to Yahoo.

Though the temperature in the desert was high, the mother and son team were total pros for the cameras.

Perhaps Louis has a future in space travel. Or maybe he's a fan of costumes and will follow his mom's footsteps into the acting world. Either way, Bullock must be one proud parent.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images