Sasha Grey, porn star, in your kids' elementary school: How would you react?

sasha-grey-the-view.jpgThis is an interesting dilemma. Porn star turned legit actress, Sasha Grey -- who you may remember from her turn as herself on "Entourage" or from "Seinfeld: A XXX Parody," depending on your taste -- was photographed reading to students at Emerson Elementary School in Compton, setting off a firestorm of controversy.

The school district initially denied that Grey was there, despite the fact that the pics were all over the web. On Wednesday, "The View" invited Grey in to talk about the incident. "They're afraid. They're afraid of being judged," she said when asked about the denial. "I'm often judged, so I understand that."

Apparently, parents of the children were not informed that there would be a guest in the classroom, much less of her background in the adult film industry (which she has retired from, for the record).

It begs the question, of course -- is a person's background relevant when they're doing something to better their community? Obviously, Grey's conduct in the classroom didn't reflect her somewhat sordid past. Grey says that the "sanctimonious media firestorm" was just an example of the stigma that adult film actors face in the industry.

"You didn't kill anybody. You haven't raped any children. You haven't vomited in church," Whoopi agreed as the audience laughed.

Grey says that she reached out to do the reading program because reading was an inspiration to her as a child. "I went to a school where that wasn't encouraged so much, but my parents encouraged me and it has made me who I am," she says.

"It made you want to be a porn star?" Joy Behar wondered. Barbara Walters wondered why Grey didn't become a teacher instead. How adorable.

What do you think, Zappers? Would you be angry if a porn star was in your child's school?

Photo/Video credit: ABC