'Saturday Night Live': An Alec Baldwin montage

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alec-baldwin-us-open-getty.jpgWhen " Saturday Night Live" kicks off its 37th season on Saturday (Sept. 24), it'll be hosted by Alec Baldwin for a record 16th time.

It's hard to imagine the first time Baldwin hosted " SNL" with musical guest was The B-52s, George H.W. Bush was President, gas cost $1.16/gallon and the show featured such up-and-coming talent as Mike Myers, Al Franken and the late Phil Hartman.

During that time, Baldwin has been part of countless sketches including the always popular and somewhat controversial Schweddy Balls routine.

Here's a quick montage of what fans of the dapper " 30 Rock" star have enjoyed through the years.  And if Baldwin isn't enough to make fans tune in, don't forget they have a little-known musical guest that is Radiohead.

Here's the video...

Photo/Video credit: Getty, NBC