'Saturday Night Live': Jason Segel, Vanessa Bayer get romantic

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The wonderful Jason Segel of "How I Met Your Mother" is hosting "Saturday Night Live" this weekend (Nov. 19), with musical guest Florence + the Machine. Check out these promos for his episode.

This is Jason Segel's first time hosting and cast member Vanessa Bayer's first time doing the promos with the host, a subject they touch on in the promos. We'd be OK with Jason Segel being our first time too, Vanessa (for doing promos. Duh. What were you thinking?)

There's also a pretty funny joke about "How I Met Your Mother." Segel's, "That's not the way she tells it" made us laugh pretty hard. And it's nice to see Bayer get the spotlight. They don't use her enough on "SNL."

"Saturday Night Live" with Jason Segel airs Saturday, Nov. 19 on NBC.

Photo/Video credit: NBC