'Saturday Night Live': Justin Bieber is a 'weird dude'

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Justin Bieber is coming to "Saturday Night Live" Saturday, Feb. 9 as the host and the musical guest. Check out these promos released by SNL.

Kenan Thompson admits to being a fan of Bieber when his enormous collage of pictures is revealed. He also busts out with, "You better Bielieb it! ... It's unBieliebably good!" He also says that for years now, he's been stalking the wrong dude, thinking it was Bieber.

When Bieber hosts and performs as the musical guest, he'll join the list of 29 people who have done so simultaneously on the show, from Desi Arnaz and Lily Tomlin to Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.
Photo/Video credit: NBC