'Saturday Night Live': Lindsay Lohan to host

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lindsay-lohan-goes-to-jail.jpgThe Lindsay Lohan image rehab tour is making its next step. First it was her Playboy shoot. Now she's set to host "Saturday Night Live" on March 3.

The actress, who is mired in legal troubles and tax woes, could use a night of funny to get her mind off these matters. It'll be her first time hosting the show since 2006 and her fourth stint over all.

Lohan is excited about her chance to return to "SNL." She writes on Twitter, " SNL! I love @NBC !!!!!!!!!!!!!" Following that, she writes that she'd like to have Alec Baldwin do a walk-on during one of her sketches saying "it would be amazing."

Lohan will be joined by musical guest Jack White.

We're guessing an interview with Barbara Walters can't be far behind.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images