Saul Rubinek is resurrected on 'Warehouse 13' -- but is he safe?

warehouse13.jpgIf you live on the East Coast, you already know that Saul Rubinek, who plays Artie, the wacky warehouse guardian on the SyFy show "Warehouse 13," has returned.

The Dish Rag talked with Saul over the weekend. He had just watched the season premiere of his show with a small audience who thoroughly enjoyed it. "My kids -- they're 19 and 15 -- and my in-laws liked it. Of course, they're prejudiced, but I can usually tell when they're bored."

And he's glad everyone will find out Tuesday (July 6) that he's still alive, after being resurrected by an artifact. "I don't think many people were in doubt that I would return," he admits. "It would have been in the press about my doing other projects if I wasn't coming back."

However, he's not off the hook yet. "Are there long-term consequences to being resurrected?" he wonders. "No one is really sure." Oh no. More to worry about. As for the rest of the season, Rubinek says to expect a lot of time tripping.