'‪Scandal': Tony Goldwyn, Jeff Perry caught by Bellamy Young in moment of love on set‬

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jeff-perry-tony-goldwyn-scandal-twitter.jpgThese days on "Scandal," the relationship between President Grant and Cyrus Beene is fraught with tension, but luckily that animosity doesn't spill over into real life.

Things between their real world counterparts, Tony Goldwyn (Fitz) and Jeff Perry (Cyrus), seem to be full of good cheer. In a candid shot of the two on set, caught and tweeted by Bellamy Young (Mellie), it's all kisses and smiles for the pair.

"HOW CUTE ARE THESE BUNNIES???" Young writes, captioning the photo.

How cute, indeed.

"Scandal" returns for the second half of Season 3 on Thursday, Feb. 28 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo/Video credit: Twitter