Scotty McCreery's Macy's Thanksgiving Parade lip sync gaffe

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It's a banner day for the "American Idol" finalists. First Lauren Alaina flubbed the National Anthem at the Packers-Lions game, now Scotty McCreery has had a bit of a lip syncing gaffe during the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

We guess we should've assumed that the performers lip sync, but we kind of thought they sang live. Guess not. But Scotty is taking everything in stride. He tweets:

  • just got done w/ the parade! now on the way to Atlanta!
  • gonna be a fun couple of days. Macy's day, then the Macy's Atlanta tree lighting, and then to finish it all up, Trojan football tmrrw night!
  • looking forward to a big thanksgiving dinner at 9 w/ the family at ahotel in Atlanta! different than most years, but thankful were together!

Happy Thanksgiving, did you all like the parade?!
Photo/Video credit: NBC