'Scream 4' pictures: Lucy Hale wields a knife, Courteney Cox sees something scary

scream-4-lucy-hale.jpgAre you ready to "Scream?"

The teasers keep coming and we here at Zap2it have got some brand new "Scream 4" stills to hold you off till the April 15th premiere. We've got Ghostface looking menacing, plenty of blood to go around and what is Lucy Hale doing with that knife, anyway?

scream-4-ghostface-still.jpg David Arquette rocks out the mustache as he reprises the role of Sheriff Dewey Riley. That's a pretty gruesome looking crime scene, but the handwriting on the wall looks pretty darn good.



We're not sure what Courteney Cox is looking at here, but it doesn't look good. Cox is also reprising her role (Gale Weathers-Riley) from the previous three films.

scream-4-courteney-cox-still.jpg Are these sneak peeks getting you amped up for the fourth installment of the franchise? If you haven't checked out the trailer yet, watch it here.

Photo/Video credit: Dimension Films