Tvpartyw104It's a medical miracle! Just when we thought our favorite doctors, nurses and Janitor were about to flatline, a network switch keeps J.D., Turk, Elliot and the rest of the Scrubs gang alive and kicking Tuesdays on ABC! It's enough to make us want to grab our taxidermied canine and write some prescriptions! We won't, because that would be illegal -- you know, the prescription part. It also makes us wander off into flights of fancy where the entire cast comes to this very party and we all become friends. Then they joke about why we don't have anything in our refrigerator other than fancy ketchup packets laid out evenly, but that it's OK because they all love fancy catsup ... and why is it ketchup? (Sorry, we let J.D. write that entire opening paragraph.) So call your HMO; we're throwing a Scrubs party!

Setting the scene:
We're going reception area and examination room this week, so get your hands on a hospital bed, some clipboards, a couple of wheelchairs, a treatment table, a blood pressure machine, a cooler marked "Human Organs," some medical posters, some x-rays and a full-sized human skeleton model. Have boxes of tongue depressors, cotton swabs, rubber gloves and, in a nod to Rowdy, a full-sized stuffed yellow lab. Invitations should be in the form of fake prescriptions and include one rubber glove and a reminder to fast for 12 hours prior to attending. Party favors may include DVDs of seasons one through seven and bedpans.

Um, scrubs? Doctor and patient garb can be found cheap online. Don't forget your stethoscope.

On the menu:
Hospital food rivals airplane food for bottom of the barrel, so while it'll be fun to serve everything on plastic trays, go gourmet and have a small rack of lamb, garlic mashed potatoes and green beans with ginger butter. Don't forget the Jell-O.

On the hi-fi:
Music has been a big part of this series' success, so it makes sense to just grab a copy of the show's soundtrack that includes everything from the theme song Superman by Lazlo Bane and All in My Head by Shawn Mullins to New Slang by the Shins.

The showstopper:
Nothing shows you know how to party like having an ambulance parked outside just in case. Though your mileage may vary, you can find used ones reasonably priced!