Sean Hayes on 'Dancing With the Stars': 'I don't understand that show!'

sean-hayes-kristin-chenoweth-gi.jpgStart counting "5-6-7-8" and most Broadway actors will fall into step for a dance number.

They understand grueling rehearsals, which go into making the shows they're in ...  and TV shows like "Dancing With the Stars."

So it only stands to reason that we'd ask the freshly-minted Tony Award nominees to share their take on the dance competition and whether they would give the ABC show a whirl.

The impressions might not be what you think. While "Enron's" Stephen Kunken hopes that Erin Andrews wins, legendary choreographer Twyla Tharp is "not familiar with the show."

Sean Hayes, nominated as best actor in a musical for "Promises, Promises," says he would never be on "DWTS."